Handle with Care!

Moving with Children:


A move can be especially trying for children.  It is important that you get them involved so that they do not feel displaced, as children like routines and moving will definitely disrupt what’s familiar to them.  Speak to your children and have them discuss their fears and concerns.  Help them get excited about moving.  Let them get involved in packing up their items and put them in a special box.  All these things will alleviate some of their stress about moving to a new place.


It’s best not to have your children at home on loading day, as they may become upset that their things are going on the truck.  We suggest that they spend the day with family or friends to minimize their anxiety about the move.  Proper planning will assist your children in the transition to your new home and community.


Moving with Pets and Plants:


Pets are also affected by a move.  Pets cannot be moved on the moving truck, so be sure that for their own safety, they are not around on moving day.  Be sure that you’ve arranged for the transporting of your pet.  You might want to visit your veterinarian to obtain pet health records, update tags, and get tranquilizers to calm your pet during transport.


Also, if your pet will be traveling by air, be sure to contact the airlines to find out their rules about moving pets and what type of kennel is required.  Some airlines even rent these kennels.  Be sure that the kennel is labeled with your new address, phone and pet’s name and include any special handling instructions.  If you’re traveling by car, be sure to never leave your pet unattended, especially during extremely hot or cold temperatures.


In general, plants should not be moved.  We cannot be responsible for the care of plants, and many states quarantine plants at all times.  We recommend that they move with you, and not on the Bekins truck.


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