Moving To Chicago? Learn About Chicagoland Neighborhoods:

If you’re thinking about moving to Chicago, it is important to get a feel for the city and the different neighborhoods that are located in Chicago.  The purpose of this blog is to gain more knowledge of the different Chicago neighborhoods.

The first neighborhood we will be mentioning is Albany Park.  Albany Park is on the northwest side of the city and is one of the most diverse in the United States.  There are over 40 different languages spoken in the public schools in Albany Park.  It truly is a melting pot of sorts.  Albany Park, can be found on Lawrence Avenue, between Kedzie and Pulaski. The area is one of the most Democratic of the country.  The average income of a resident of Albany Park is $40,711.

If you’re looking to get a suburban feel in a big city, Beverly would be an appropriate neighbourhood to consider visiting.  Beverly consists largely of upscale homes and is actually one of the only neighbourhoods in Chicago where you can visibly see hills. Beverly is the home of the South Side Irish Parade, the largest neighborhood parade of any type in the country. The neighborhood is home to more Irish style pubs than any other in Chicago.  The average income of a resident living in Beverly is $66,823.

The neighbourhood with the highest density of any in the city is a neighbourhood called Edgewater. Edgewater has the highest concentration of gay and lesbian couples in the city, and fifth highest in the country. Edgewater boasts a skyline of apartment buildings, condominium complexes, and mid-rise homes.  The average income of a resident of Edgewater is $35,766.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is bordered on the north by Diversey Parkway, on the west by Clybourn Avenue, on the south by North Avenue, and Lake Michigan in the east.  The neighborhood population is primarily made up of young professionals, recent college graduates, and young families. Rent for studio apartments can range from $535-$900, and one-bedroom apartments start at $850 and go up from there, depending on the view, size and location.  It is a good area to meet people with similar interests and living situations.  The average income of a resident living in Lincoln Park is $68,613.

Lincoln Square is a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago. About 44,000 people live in the neighborhood along with over 1,000 small and medium sized businesses. It is bounded by Peterson Avenue and Bryn Mawr Avenue on the north, Montrose Avenue on the south, Ravenswood Avenue on the east and the Chicago River on the west. It is somewhat trendy and its housing stock consists of private residences and small apartment buildings.The commercial heart of Lincoln Square is located along Lincoln Avenue. Lincoln Square is historically known as a heavily German influenced and populated neighborhood.  The average income of a resident living in Lincoln Square is $40,898.

Logan Square describes the actual square which is the 3-way intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Logan Boulevard and Kedzie Boulevard. The area is characterized by the prominent historical boulevards and large bungalow-style homes. The neighborhood is home to a diverse population comprising Latinos and Eastern Europeans, as well as a younger crowd comprising primarily white, college-educated artists and professionals primarily from middle-class backgrounds who are attracted to the area’s diversity.  The average income of a resident living in Logan Square is $36,245.

The Loop is located downtown Chicago and features lots of high-rise buildings.  It is the second biggest downtown business district in the United States.  Bounded on the west and north by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the south by Roosevelt Road.  This area has an abundance of shopping opportunities as well as a number of government buildings.  The average income of a resident living in the Loop is $65,128.

Rogers Park is the northernmost of the Chicago. It is bound by the City of Evanston at Howard Street to the north, Ridge Boulevard to the west, Devon Avenue to the south and the shores of Lake Michigan to the east. Rogers Park continued to see massive changes in its demographics into the twenty first century. It is one of the most diverse American communities in the country, with a mix of ethnic backgrounds, languages, ages, and incomes. Rogers Park contains many houses of prayer of different religions and denominations.  The average income of a resident living in Rogers Park is $31,602.

Uptown is a diverse neighborhood. Uptown’s boundaries are Foster avenue on the north, Lake Michigan on the east, Irving Park road on the south, and Clark avenue on the west. The historical, cultural, and commercial center of Uptown is Broadway, with Uptown Square at the center. A lakefront community Uptown features two beaches and an extensive park system.  The average income of a resident living in Uptown is $32,328.

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