Moving Checklist

8-12 weeks before you move:

-If you own your home, contact your real estate agent to begin the selling process.

-Establish your preferred moving dates.

-Research your new community by using Bekins’ on-line moving tools at

-Compare school districts

-Obtain free city reports

-Use our salary and mortgage calculators to make comparisons.

-Set up a house-hunting tip to your new city.

-Find out if your employer will be paying for the move, or providing you                            with a lump sum or direct reimbursement.  If so, discuss Bekins’

“enCompass program”.

-Have a garage sale or donate goods you do not want to move.  This will

Help you get the most accurate estimate of moving costs.


4-8 weeks before you move:

-Contact your local Bekins agent to schedule a convenient time for a free

Estimate.  You can find the nearest Bekins representative by using the

Agent locator on our website at

-Purchase your new home; arrange financing; establish close dates.

-Make a list of everyone you need to notify of your move.

-Check with your school on transferring your children’s records.

-Research driver’s license requirements for the state you are moving to.

-Find out from the IRS or your accountant if moving expenses are tax


-Contact your insurance agent to discuss your insurance needs for your

new home.

-Select a new bank in your new city.

-Begin to organize your medical and dental records.

-Obtain change of address cards from your local post office.


3 weeks before you move:

-Make a decision on whether you will pack your goods or if you’d like to

utilize Bekins’ professional packing service.

-Begin the packing process if you are doing it yourself.

-Compile all personal records

-Change your address on credit cards and magazine subscriptions

-If you have children, arrange for them to be at a babysitter during loading


-Arrange to have your utilities disconnected after your move-out day.

-Arrange to connect your utilities the day before your scheduled move-in



2 weeks before you move:

-Clean your home and clear basement and attic.

-Plan to use all the food in your refrigerator and freezer.

-Cancel all current delivery services such as food delivery service,

newspaper delivery, etc.

-Dispose of all flammables, cleaners, paints, aerosols, ammunition, etc.

-Transfer all current prescriptions to your new local pharmacy.

-Clear out your safety deposit box.  Transfer bank accounts.

-Be sure that you have packed everything in advance.

-Drain the oil and gasoline from your lawn mower, and other power tools

if they are to be moved.

-Depending on area of residence, if required, obtain a professional gypsy

moth inspection or perform self-inspection for gypsy moth.


1 week before you move:

-Confirm your travel arrangements for your family.

-Provide contact phone numbers to your Bekins agent so that you are

accessible during your move.

-Empty and clean your refrigerator and freezer, clean your stove, etc.

-Only use those household items that you’ll need, such as sheets, towels, a

few pans and dishes.  Makes sure everything else is ready to be moved.


Moving Day:

-Review all paperwork with your Bekins driver.

-Be available to check off inventory of all items being moved.

-Once the moving van is loaded, double check that nothing was left

behind in closets, basement, attic, cabinets, drawers, etc.

-For safety’s sake, arrange for your children to stay with a relative or

neighbor so that they are not at home on moving day.

-Be sure to give your cell phone number or other contact number to your



Bekins knows just how difficult moving is.  The more prepared you are for your move, the easier the process will be.  We’ve been moving families like yours since 1891 and we know how difficult it is to leave familiar surroundings.  With Bekins, we’ll take care of the move, so you can concentrate on making your new house a home.


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