Preparing Your Moving Quote

For a successful interstate move it is a must to have a good plan and be well organized.  This should start with inviting a Bekins representative inside your home to develop a customized and thorough assessment of your moving needs and wishes.  It is the responsibility of the representative to carefully survey all aspects and areas of your home to ensure an accurate quote that Bekins will guarantee.  The technique we use is to look at each and every item in the home weather it is a box of items or a chest or drawers, and determine how much space it will take up in the van on a cubic feet basis.  The total cubic feet collected is then multiplied by 7 pounds for every cubic foot factored.  This gives us our estimated household good weight.  The weight and distance of the move to destination is where the initial cost begins.  From that point forward, any extra services such as packing, crating, servicing, storage, and material is also factored in.  The move can be completed in many ways from the customer packing themselves with our FREE cartons provided, the customer only packing a portion of the cartons & Bekins packing some, or simply Bekins to pack each and every box throughout the home.  We will also assess any items that need special attention such as disassembly & re-assembly, custom wood-crating, item-servicing, and furniture wrapping techniques.

It is our standard policy to disassemble and re-assemble all beds as well as pack and unpack all mattresses and box springs in special boxes.  All wood furniture will be carefully pad-wrapped and all upholstered items will be completely shrink-wrapped.  Our driver and crew will protect your home as well by placing banister protectors and floor protection in each and every move we service.  An itemized inventory will be written on move day for the record of both our Bekins driver and our customer so as we deliver to the new destination, we will check against this inventory as the items are brought into the new home.  The transit time from loading to delivery is based on how much of the 53’ moving van the shipment takes up.  Our household good vans hold anywhere from 27,000-30,000 pounds of household goods so the larger the shipment or the more space the shipment takes up on the van, the sooner we deliver.  The smaller the shipment is, the larger the delivery window will be.


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