New Chicago Sports Fans:

Every new resident of Chicago will soon find out the love and dedication that Chicago fans have for their sports teams.  Chicago is home to some of the most memorable championships and loveable sports teams.  Some of the greatest athletes in the world have represented the great city of Chicago.  Whether it was Michael Jordan scoring game-winning buzzer-beater jump-shots, or Walter Payton breaking tackles on the way to a Super-Bowl winning season.  Chicago sports fans take pride in their city and make it well-known what city they’re from.  Here is the list of professional sports teams in Chicago and a little bit about their history.


Chicago Cubs


The Chicago Cubs is Chicago’s baseball team located on the North side of the city.  Although it’s been more than 100 years since the Cubbies’ have won a world series, they are considered to have the most loyal fans in all of baseball.  Nothing really beats a nice hot summer day at Wrigley Field.  The stadium has an older feel to it and really demonstrates the character of Chicago.  These “Loveable Losers” (as they have been called over the years due to their World Series drought) have had a rollercoaster of a history.  It looked as though they would make it to the World Series a few years ago until the infamous Bartman incident.

Wrigley Field is also home to many big musical events every summer.  The buildings across the street from the outfield offer seats on top of the buildings that look down over the field and are available for paying customers to watch the game from.  It seems as though no matter how many seasons it will take for the Cubs to win that next World Series, that the true Cubs fans of Chicago will always love their Cubbies.


Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls is arguably the basketball team with the most legendary team and player in the history of the game.  Michael Jordan is arguably the most successful and recognized athlete in sports history.  He alone changed the game forever.  His 6 championships, and 6 championship MVP titles have helped to solidify his name as being the greatest basketball player ever to play the game.

The Chicago Bulls play in the United Center, which is also home to the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.  Since the Michael Jordan era the Chicago Bulls have struggled to regain their identity, but in 2008 the Bulls received the number one pick in the draft and picked up now superstar Derek Rose. Bulls fans are hoping that Derek Rose can help lead the Bulls to another championship.


Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears are another legendary Chicago team that has a huge fan-base throughout the country.  Chicago was the home for legendary Bears running back Walter Payton.  Walter Payton is one of the game’s all-time greatest and helped lead the Bears to a Super Bowl ring in 1985.  The Chicago Bears are known for being “The Monsters of Midway.”  They’re known for hard-nosed ground and pound football.  They’re also known for their gritty defense.  Over the years the offense has been inconsistent, but Bears fans know they can always count on the defense to keep them in games.

Soldier Field is home to the Bears and home to some of the wildest, and coldest winter games in the NFL.  With their trade for former Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, the Bears are hoping to have found the franchise quarterback they need to move toward another Super Bowl run.  Another current mentionable Bears player is return specialist Devin Hester.  Hester just recently set the record for most kickoff/punt return touchdowns in NFL history.



Chicago Blackhawks


The Chicago Blackhawks are currently the defending Stanley Cup champions.  The hawks had an unforgettable championship run last season and ended up beating the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup.  Although the Hawks had to get rid of some of the players from the championship team, the core players still remain and Blackhawks fans are hopeful for another great season from the team.  The Blackhawks play their games at the United Center, which is also home to the Chicago Bulls.  The Blackhawks have some of the best young talent in the league with players like Kane and Toews.


Chicago White Sox


The Chicago White Sox is the baseball team located on the South Side of the city.  They had an epic run to win the World Series in 2005 and look to make another run for the pennant next season.  The Sox have been consistent with their winning over the past few seasons and are always a dangerous team in the American League.


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