Expert Packing by Bekins


Packing can be one of the biggest challenges of your move.  Consider using Bekins’ professional packing services.  Whether you select Bekins’ professional packing services for your entire household or just for a few special items, we can help you.  When you use Bekins’ packing services, our “First Day Service” provides unpacking of up to five cartons of essential items that you’ll need when moving into your new home which we’ll unload first upon arrival at your new home.  These are items such as your children’s favorite stuffed animals, bedding, pillows, your coffee pot, coffee mugs, towels, and other items that you will need immediately upon moving in.  You will have access to these cartons first so that you can begin settling into your new home immediately.


Bekins’ professional packing services offer you convenience and peace of mind.  Our packers are trained in packing methods to alleviate any damage during transit.  We offer a full range of packing services from the complete packing of all items in your home, to partial packing services.  Or, you may want us to pack your fragile items like china, glassware, mirrors or artwork.


Whatever your packing needs, we can assist.  We know how important it is to you that your goods arrive at your new home safely and without damage.  The correct packing of your household goods will ensure that they remain safe during transit.


Whether you use Bekins’ packing services or if you decide to pack on your own, it is important to plan and organize.  Plan to pack only items that you will use in your new home.  Don’t pack items that you’ve been planning to get rid of-donate them to charity before you move.


Please be aware that your electronic equipment may require special preparation.  Be sure to detach all cords and wires and keep them in a labeled bag so that you know where they belong.  When moving computers, scanners or printers, be sure to detach cords and wires, paper trays, etc, and label all cables and wires for easy re-assembly.  Be sure to use well padded, sturdy cartons to cushion the equipment.  Mark these items “fragile”.  Large screen televisions will require extra padding and protection.  If possible, pack it in its original carton.  If these cartons are not available, consider crating the item prior to moving day.


When you pack your items, consider the floor plan of your new home so that you organize your items based on the rooms that they will be placed in upon delivery.  This will make the unpacking process more efficient.  And remember, dispose of any hazardous items such as cleaning supplies, solvents, paint, aerosol cans, flammables or ammunition.  They simply cannot be moved.


We also recommend that you don’t pack furs, jewelry, precious stones or metals, important personal documents, valuable collections, stocks and bonds or cash.  These special items are invaluable to you, so do not pack them for the truck, but be sure to take them with you.

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